Elevating Your Security Strategy to Exceed Expectations



In today's interconnected world, robust cybersecurity measures are non-negotiable for businesses of all sizes. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. Threats can emerge at any time.  Atlas Technica can strengthen your security posture and protect your organization from growing security challenges.


Cyber Bundle

The Atlas Cyber Bundle is a fully managed security solution that takes a layered approach to protect our clients from threats associated with cybercrime and employee malfeasance. It bridges the security gaps that malicious actors everywhere work tirelessly to exploit.

Compliance and Regulation icon

Compliance and Regulation

While businesses are required to follow various rules and regulations, it can be challenging to comply with all the necessary security protocols. Atlas Technica’s managed security services can streamline and simplify compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards as well as satisfy questions from investor due diligence questionnaires.

Risk Mitigation icon

Risk Mitigation

There are significant risks associated with cybersecurity breaches. Atlas Technica will help you protect your valuable data and mitigate the potential for reputational and financial harm.

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Continuous Adaptation

The evolving nature of cybersecurity threats underscores the need for continuous vigilance and adaptation to stay ahead of malicious actors. Atlas Technica addresses these evolving threats so you can focus on business activities without undue concern about cybersecurity risks.

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Comprehensive Security Solutions

Businesses need to defend against a variety of internal and external threats. Atlas Technica’s layered managed security solutions involve multiple security measures working together to provide comprehensive protection for your firm’s assets.


Atlas Security Information and Event Management

The Atlas Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a fully managed, comprehensive security solution that delivers critical visibility, enhancing the ability to detect and respond to threats, and minimizing the likelihood and impact of potential cyberattacks. When a security incident or breach does occur, it is your SIEM solution that allows you to quickly respond and recover from it. The Atlas SIEM solution manages threat detection and response 24x7x365.

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Operations Support

The Atlas SIEM collects your logs from various sources and stores them all in one centralized location that is then scanned and analyzed by a dedicated team of geographically diverse Security Operations Center (SOC) professionals.

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Zero-day Threat Detection

New and previously unknown vulnerabilities are constantly emerging. The Atlas SIEM utilizes zero-day threat detection system techniques. Any abnormalities are investigated and actioned immediately.

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The Atlas SIEM provides actionable intelligence. It can be used to automate log monitoring, correlation, pattern recognition, and forensic investigations. Monthly reports on key data points help you stay informed and make good decisions on cybersecurity strategies.