Core Values

Values That We Live And Breathe


Welcome to Atlas!

It is our distinct pleasure to extend a warm welcome as you embark on this journey with us as we endeavour to become the most sought-after Managed Service Provider (MSP) within the Financial Industry. Our trajectory is one of unwavering determination to excel in our sector, and we have relentlessly pursued this mission since our inception. Year after year, we have maintained a consistent pattern of growth and improvement, enabling numerous Alternative Investment firms to establish and operate their cloud-based technology platforms, all while fostering a thriving and engaging work environment. At the heart of Atlas Technica lies our deep commitment to serving people, a commitment that extends to both our team members and those who seek our expertise. We champion a culture that values growth and purpose, where individuals are encouraged to tackle challenges and find innovative solutions to assist our valued clients.
Our people are our product. Join us!


Core Values

Idea meritocracy

We collaborate actively and listen to our people because the best idea wins regardless of where it comes from.

We obsess over our people

Attracting and retaining talent is paramount to our success. Ability and experience are important to us, but we hire people that best fit our culture to create an environment that is compassionate, humble, respectful, and psychologically safe. We are nothing without our people.

We obsess over our clients

We put service first and always focus on client satisfaction. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality service to our clients.


We are process driven

We use process to drive outcomes. We get things done right the first time by paying fanatical attention to consistency and detail. We strive for efficiency by automating and simplifying processes as we go.

We act as owners

We act in the best interests of Atlas Technica and fellow team members. We take responsibility, maintain accountability, manage expectations, and deliver results. Above all, we say what we do and do what we say.

Growth mindset

We are perpetually striving to improve ourselves and everything we interact with. We use out of the box thinking to create great scalable solutions. We are never satisfied.

These six core values are how we aim to make each decision at Atlas. We trust that you will too.